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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Rogers TV Interview with Jeff Moore (Heavenly Harps Markham Concert)

Just before Heavenly Harps last November, with the world premiere of my harp concerto, "The Atonement",  featuring Dr. Teresa Suen, harp, under the baton of Kristian Alexander, with the Kindred Spirits Orchestra, we appeared on DayTime with Jeffrey Moore together with Ann Hobson Pilot, former principal harpist of the Boston Symphony.
Take a look......

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Dr. Teresa Suen premieres the harp concerto in D, "The Atonement" by James W. Campbell, with Maestro Kristian Alexander conducting the Kindred Spirits Orchestra Markham. 

Teresa and I were delighted to meet Senator Victor Oh last December 2013, who sent us his best wishes for a successful concert in Markham. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Heavenly Harps Markham Ends Heavenly

Dr. Teresa Suen Campbell with husband James W. Campbell and the Kindred Spirits Orchestra and Maestro Kristian Alexander looking on. 

Teresa and I are delighted that the world premiere of my harp concerto in D, "The Atonement" was given by the Kindred Spirits Orchestra under the Baton of Maestro Kristian Alexander. Maestro Boris Brott acted as host for the evening with the wit and wisdom which is characteristic of the Maestro. Ms. Ann Hobson Pilot was featured in the Canadian premiere of the harp concerto "On Willows and Birches" by John Williams and the evening rounded off with R. Struass' Second Symphony in F Minor.

Many thanks to our sponsors: HuaWei Technologies Canada Ltd., Mattamy Homes Ottawa, Aoyama Harps, The Toronto Chapter of the American Harp Society, the American Harp Society, Staples Markham, The Hampton Inn by Hilton Hotel and Suites, the Sheraton Parkway North Toronto Hotel and Suites, Flowerland Markham. 

Special thanks to the Harp Lady Markham: 

Monday, 4 February 2013

A Poem for My Native Canada

Ye colden winds of Northern shores, 
Fraking(1) a'way through the lands of tundra, 
Scading(2) along, ensconced with rhythm, 
Carrying aloft the sounds of the nation.
We draw our strength of the vast expanse - 
Cascading mounts of Empral(3) light,
The heart and soul of my native land. 

And the vast expanse, of worlds unknown,
Millenting(4) yonder past virgile(5) lakes,
Mansions of heaven, suvreme(6) above, 
Yet not so distant - this eye for wonder,
For here ye be, the powers of sky -
Pren-cinding downwards, upon this land 
Holding it up and pressing it yonder -
To expanses of North, yet unpa'lented(7)

How I wish I could descend, to the
Floors of the seas of Hudson!
That great Bay of vwendled(8) spore(9)!
Chanting chansons to frexwend Norsners, 
Tame their spirits, spreen(10) their tongues,
Grant their pwilted(11) spirits rest,
Beneath the deepest water's shore
Upon the backs of sleeping creatures lay, 
Creatures roar, spirits rest. 

Robert Rosing–National Geographic/Getty Images The Hudson Bay, Canada

And as I look, 'pon these forlorn shores,
I hear the calls of those who once, here stood,
In times of vrindule(12) possession,
Where theirs is yours is mine.
And wonder I, deep within,
Shall what is now be brushed away,
And given back to what once was,
The former yore, the former times?

Tis better not, to move away,
From evulent(13) fires in the hearth at home,
The calls of children sung in schools,
Our parliament of order and good rule,
Flights of steel binding east and west,
Great ocean freights that spices bring,
And the bricks and stones which loving hands have laid, 
The warmth, these reletent (14) structures bring. 

And deep from, within, this mind of mine,
I will forever know, that this order which man brings, 
Was meant for the good, his character to bring, 
Bringing all things, under the power - his hands do give, 
Gives to all the earth - as we see, we hear, we feel, 
And the good fra'grance; the breath of mother earth 
Doth always tell, that this order, this world, 
Was meant - is meant, to be. 

From Google Images. 

Poem in Six Stanzas
by James W. Campbell
February 2013
Ottawa, ON, Canada


(1) fraking - the action of wind blowing over ice
(2) scading - the turbulent motion of a gas, or element such as wind
(3) empral - grand, majestic, imperial in essence
(4) millenting - soaring to heights unknown
(5) virgile - virgin like; pure
(6) suvreme - middle heaven
(7) unpa'lented - unexplored; un- excavated
(8) vwendled - Old Norse for waters of great depth; fecundity; pristine - like
(9) spore - belonging to the King
(10) spreen - hold back; exercise caution in speech
(11) pwilted - disturbed; jolted out of reality
(12) vrindule - the estates of land before possessory rights were held by commoners 
(13) evulent - burning; bristling
(14) reletent - unyielding; solid; immovable